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Andolite power distros are manufactured to order for fixed installations, events and touring to meet the customer’s specific needs for inputs, outlets, protection and monitoring.

Features include:

  1. Units can be manufactured to fit into clients own racks or flight cases or can be supplied with wall mounting racks or flight cases. Floorboxes with A frame legs or with side protection cheeks are available. All metalwork is made in our own factory so we are completely flexible on design.
  2. Inlets can be Powerlock, Camlock, panel or cable mounted CEE connectors or terminals/lugs for direct wiring.
  3. Outlets can be any combination of Powerlock, Camlock, Socapex, Lectriflex, CEE, 15A or other connector.
  4. Protection for over-current and earth leakage, either fixed or adjustable, is incorporated to meet electrical regulations, health and safety standards and the customer’s own needs.
  5. Analogue meters for voltage and current or digital multi-function meters can be built into the panels.
  6. All panels are manufactured in accordance with EBN60439-1 and CE marked under the EC Low Voltage Directive.